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It’s so messed up the average computer is now running a dozen of instances of Electron. It is basically a full Chrome browser. It’s a huge performance hog, and it really adds up quick. I really don’t understand why the tech bros don’t just do the sensible thing, for once: having every app streamed to the user as H.265 from a cloud provider specialized in running Electron farms.

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this is my niece who got just one dose of the Pfizer vaccine after coming home from the south pacific. she was a perfectly healthy 5 year old who competed in sports tournaments

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and like, I've seen custom tools built for managing these things and generating files for the build, or sort of "parameter servers" that the game references on boot, but never heard of it done via Excel.

love it

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more info: youtube.com/watch?v=nGaajB8m5Q

mostly a video saying "it's useful to keep your gameplay-related variables in a separate space where they are easily editable"

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its cool as shit that the smash team built their own excel addin for balancing, that's genius

like with a strong and stable enough ~thing~ pushing on the bottom, would you be able to influence its growth so it goes back to the desired spot?

or is it only the top that is malleable in this way, because that is where new vertical growth is and the trunk only grows outwards?

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my slim jim just became my dr pepper's 24th flavor :c

what was that one mecha girl action multiplayer game that people played in the late 2000s/early 2010s?

i think it played something vaguely like gundam exvs or DxM

huge difference between them I KNOW, but i mean that third-person view with a mix of attacks style of play

Ya know, with their posting verb being "toot" I feel like Masto is uniquely positioned to attract the The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight types

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maaaaan, not even a moment to bask in that budding love

Looking forward to rewatching ep1 and finally seeing the rest of the show

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this is a server for momo to use and maybe his friends if they can't find another server to use and are chill with things randomly disappearing