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Also even if I like their twitter posts, this just tells me I need to stop listening to that one 90s/00s rock station so much. Sorry eve6

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Do Carly Rae fans not listen to her music?? She isn't even in my top 5 but I'm in the top 1% of her fans...

I don't know if I would ever want the late ass keyboard case

upon further review, theres actually zero difference between good & bad things

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idea: posting alignment chart

compares "how known they are for posting" to "how good they are at posting"

also this technique where it looks like she used a doily as an airbrush stencil in the top left???? big brain shit

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The sailor moon manga is super pretty, has a scrapbook feel to it with all the patterns, decals, and frames she used

Reading Araki's chapter notes are always fun, but sometimes he says something I had never considered but know to be 100% true to my heart

For example:

Hot chocolate in Florida, where it was 86F today...

But I can't turn down betty boop

also maybe this one but this might have been the champions cake guy and not the starleague one???

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this is a server for momo to use and maybe his friends if they can't find another server to use and are chill with things randomly disappearing