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Over under on McCarthy having a humiliation kink? Like there are real things at stake that could inspire him to stay, but MAN would it be difficult to justify it 10times over without there being more to it

Err "fucking" as an adjective, not as a verb. I would never feel bad for that

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Haven't beaten Crisis Core yet and am well aware of what he goes on to do

But man Crisis Core cannot be making me feel bad for fucking SEPHIROTH of all people!?? Poor dude

made lobster for the first time last night, turned out pretty good!

There's some post about book burning hidden in here but I can't find it

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i still think elon is the most owned of 2022, but tate is really gunning for it lmao

Angry about this again, also angry that the Export As option has such a pain in the ass shortcut.


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it is important enough to have its own dedicated menu option in the File menu, right under Export As

but isn't important enough to have a keyboard shortcut

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Who's the asshole at Adobe that took a bunch of image formats out of the save as menu when saving files with layers (I know PNG doesn't support layers! just flatten it!!)

and who is the asshole that decided that "Quick export as PNG" didn't need a shortcut (it does!!)

and who i

Oh can't see OP in that thread not because they are locked, but because I am blocked whoops

Even more of a faux pas than I had intended!! Sorry OP

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this is a server for momo to use and maybe his friends if they can't find another server to use and are chill with things randomly disappearing